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The attention of electric transfer bogie bearing changed
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 Bearing on the work of any kind of electric transfer bogie plays an important role, because its main function is to support the mechanical body of revolution, so when bearing problems from time to time in order to let the normal operation of electric transfer bogie homework again, we want to change the bearings.But what should be paid attention to when changing bearing?The following explanation is given below:

1. First of all electric car removal bearing requires experienced personnel or under its guidance.
2. Prepare the necessary unloading tools for the necessary flat bearings.
3. Determine the specific method of disassembly before starting disassembling the bearing.
4. When reusing or inspecting the disassembled transfer bogie bearing, be careful not to scratch or damage the rolling track or rolling body of the transfer bogie.
5. The removal force should be added to the outer ring when the bearing is removed from the shaft bearing seat.The removal force should be added to the inner ring when the bearing is removed from the shaft.Main method of bearing: use the hand or hydraulic, use the special wrench, use the drawing tool, use the induction heating setting, use the oil injection method.
6. Be sure to check for cracks, edges, breaks, debris or deformation.
To know the change of electric transfer bogie bearing is a careful work, so there is no wrong, be careful where or mistaken electric transfer bogie can not run normally, so must pay more attention to, be sure to keep in mind.
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