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The installation method of the wireless handle and transformer of electric flat car
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 Many companies want to install wireless controllers and transformers when buying electric flat cars, so how to install them properly?

So let us talk about that;
Wireless control handle: mainly by wireless transmitting device and the wireless receiver, want to use normal manufacturer when purchasing products, fake goods will lead to receive not sensitive or failure happens, purchase is completed to start the installation, first turn on the launcher is installed on the electric flat car, to pay more attention to here only reserved wireless PCI interface electric flat car can use, if there is no need in the electric flat car computer motherboard installed PCI conversion interface, at the same time update the motherboard driver, so when the choose and buy electric flat car to pay attention to ask clear whether reserved interface, launcher installation is completed, the fixed screw on both ends of the motherboard, this time to start the electric flat car, select wireless control on manipulation of the platform, and import the transmitters of driver, so with respect to OK, and then test the wireless controller handling, if cannot operation is usually not plugged or driver do not match.
Electric flat car of variable voltage installation: this is actually very simple, when the choose and buy main consideration is the size of the transformer, the size of the attached electric flat car electric closet, is in line with the power at the same time, at the time of barge meet, connect the anode voltage of red line, black line to the cathode, grounding, yellow line around the pad put bubble caused by vibration, alleviate electric flat car runtime startup check the working condition of electric flat car.
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