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Hydraulic device for lifting electric transfer cart
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 The hydraulic elevator is a kind of electric transfer cart that provides power and command through the remote control and operation of the power system.Due to the higher safety and flexibility of battery electric cart, the majority of users favor.But the size and shape of the batterys electric flat surfaces often need to be based on the actual situation of the customer.Design requirements, such as V platform, roller frame, a variety of forms such as hot metal ladle, the ladle, some customers ask battery electric transfer cart has the function of the knee, so need to finish this feature with hydraulic equipment.

The general hydraulic device of lifting electric cart is mainly composed of hydraulic pump station and hydraulic cylinder.When choosing hydraulic equipment, hydraulic pump station needs to be considered in the motor power, voltage, current, voltage and the control of hydraulic cylinder speed is adjustable, whether to keep pressure, and the length and width of the installation space.The main components of hydraulic pump station are motor, oil pump, electromagnetic directional valve, flow control valve and safety valve.Full valve, buffer valve, oil suction filter, oil filter, air filter, oil tank, etc.The actual selection of the hydraulic cylinder requires consideration of the diameter, diameter and diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, the length of the stroke, the installation of the flange, etc.
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