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Starting point for electric transfer bogie
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 When using electric transfer bogie, the electric transfer bogie should be started correctly, otherwise the electric car will be damaged.Next, tell you how to get the electric car right.Correct start, make electric transfer bogie without impact, no vibration, no quenching, smooth start.Correctly grasping the coordination between electric car clutch contact and gas pedal is the key to a smooth start.When you start, if you feel inadequate, you should step down immediately.When the electric car starts, it must overcome the inertia and resistance of flatbed.It usually starts at a low level.The driver should pay attention to the vehicle, up and down, before starting, should ensure the correct posture.The order of operation is:

1. According to the order and method of electric car engine starting, it is recommended that the generator observe the normal operation of the instrument and whether the water temperature is normal.
2. Clutch pedal, the transmission rod is configured in low position (A, second or gear).
3. The left hand holds the stable direction of the vehicle, the right hand holds the parking brake lever and press the button.
4. To lift the clutch pedal to contact point, gently on the accelerator pedal, when feel a slight change of the engine sound, gradually, then slowly lift the clutch pedal, and relax the parking brake lever, the electric transfer bogie a smooth start.Clutch pedal, proper acceleration, restart.
Note on the starting point of electric transfer bogie:
1. After starting, keep the foot on the clutch pedal to prevent the running of the clutch.
2. Prevent the collision of gear starting, should be suspended for 1 ~ 3 seconds (drive shaft speed slowly or stop rotation) in the next electric flat clutch pedal, and then put the gear in the gear.
3. When starting up, if the gear is not in the gear, loosen the clutch disc again, or try to hang other gear, then suspend the starting device.
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