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Runaway speed control of electric flat cart pulley
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 Today Henan PERFECT Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd. is going to analyze the speed control problem of electric car pulley.

1. Electric pulley skid.
1.1. The friction coefficient of the pulley has been decreasing due to the long-term use of the pulley pulley, and the belt is too smooth and skidded, which must change the belt.
1.2. Electric flat car pulley in the process of installation, no positioning fixture, or positioning fixture failure, lead to the belt running process become loose, check the positioning fixed components.
2. The speed of electric pulley is out of control
2.1. Electric pulley speed too fast or too slow, this is the main reason is that the electric flat car inside the roller motor malfunction, lead could be a step-down circuit burn out too, too slow is part of the damping resistance failure cause, check the circuit of electric flat car roller motor control system.
2.2. When the pulley of electric carriage pulley is not turned, this is usually caused by the unstable inlet voltage of electric car, and check whether the voltage input system is faulty.
The above is our companys electric car pulley speed control problem analysis, more about electric flat car problems, please continue to pay attention to our companys official website!
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