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Which are the factors of magnitude of power about transfer bogie
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 Electric transfer bogie in mechanical transport industry has developed for twenty years, and now with the increase of industry level, electric transfer bogie is becoming more and more important in the position in transport logistics system, it is electric, the electric transfer bogie power produced.Then;What are the drivers of electric transfer bogies? Next,Henan PERFECT Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd will introduce to you:

Need the power of the load, the greater the motor back to more and more big, electric transfer bogie, no matter what is need motor to drive, as the driving force of electric transfer bogie, also related to the size of the electric transfer bogie power.
We all know that the motor speed quickly, the torque is small, and the electric transfer bogie wheel rotation is rely on to provide its torque, the motor torque nature is no good, so the electric transfer bogie drive system using motor and reducer, reducer has a certain ratio, motor drive reducer rotation, so the output of the reducer shaft rotational speed is reduced, but the speed reducer drive will not reduce the power, therefore the speed reducer through reducing the speed, nature will increase the input to the torque.The power of electric bogie is determined by motor power and reducer.
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