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Comparison of electric drive schemes in hand pendant control motorized platformer light industry transportation
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 1. Frequency converter + asynchronous motor.

This plan power decrease sharply when motor at low speed, small motor starting torque, starting current is big, overall efficiency is low (high efficiency) only around the rated speed, low speed motor (below 5 hz) cannot stable operation.In order to improve the start performance of vehicles, often choice is possible to start the motor, motor power reserves big, the "big horse-drawn car" phenomenon, the motor efficiency is low, large capacity of the battery, inverter, lowest price, the cost is high, will soon be eliminated.
2. Dc has brush motor.
Brushless dc motor for existing collector ring structure of carbon brush, the spark generated when the motor running, especially at high speed will result in serious ring of fire, radio interference, should be more carbon brushes regularly, due to the need to replace the carbon brush, the motor can only adopt open protection form, motor cooling party will enter inside, the motor should not apply to flammable and explosive, dust, dirt, open-air, damp places.In addition, there are brushless dc motor with low efficiency and battery capacity. The motor is large in size and difficult to explode, which will gradually fade out of the market.
3. Asynchronous motor.
Due to the motor to start or Y/D start directly, starting current is equal to (4 to 7) times the rated current, it will cause serious impact to KPX accumulator, or cause KPD rail pressure drop is too high, large current and vibration from starting at the same time for the safe operation of the flat car.
4. Special rectifier module + dc brushless motor.
Solutions, big start torque brushless dc motor (up to the rated 4 ~ 5 times), small startup current (torque and starting current is only about 1/5 of the asynchronous machine), brushless structure, small volume, big power, high efficiency, stepless speed regulation, good protective performance, high cost performance, can prolong the service life of motor, improve the storage of battery driving distance, reduce vehicle weight, reduce cost.
The brushless dc motor is highly efficient in the whole load area (Y series motor is only high in rated point), low carbon and environmental protection, and users save energy and save the heart.
Can choose according to the normal running of power motor, do not need power reserve, better solve the problem of the big horse-drawn car, can make the battery capacity is reduced, saving equipment investment cost, improve the operation efficiency of the system.
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