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How to solve the china battery powered platform cart charger fuse tube fuse?
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Because the input circuit of china battery powered platform cart charger is working in high voltage and too current, the failure rate is the highest.For example, high voltage large current rectifier triode, filter capacitor, switch power tube, etc.Second number is prone to damage output rectifier part of the rectifier diode, the protection diode, filter capacitor, current limiting resistor, etc., and then is feedback PWM controller and protection circuit.
Fuse blown fuse, in general, fuse circuit breaker indicates that the internal circuit of the charger has short circuit or overcurrent fault.This is due to the long time of the charger working in high voltage and large current, the failure rate of internal devices is high.In addition, the voltage fluctuation of the grid will cause the current in the charger to increase instantly and fuse the fuse.Maintenance method: first, check the various components on the circuit board to see whether the appearance of these components is burnt or the electrolyte is overflowing, and the smell is the same.To measure the power input end resistance, if less than 20 ok Ω, illustrate the back-end to have local short circuit phenomenon, then measured 4 rectifier diode is only, the resistance value and two current limiting resistor value, the presence of short circuit or burn out;Finally, it is necessary to measure whether the power filter capacitor can perform normal charging and discharging, whether the switching power tube is damaged or damaged, whether the UC3842 and the surrounding components are puncture or not.
It should be noted that because it is in the road measurement, it is possible to make the measurement result wrong or misjudge, so the component can be welded to the measurement when necessary.If the above situation is still not available, measure the internal short circuit of the input power cord and the output power line.Generally, in the fuse fusing failure, rectifier diode, the power filter capacitor, switch power tube, UC3842 is wearing parts, the probability of damage can reach more than 95%, to inspect these components, it is easy to troubleshoot.
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