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The steel hot ladle transport roller with hydraulic lifting device battery should not be inverted
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 When removing the battery, be careful not to touch the two electrodes in the bottom of the battery with your hands or metal products to avoid damage.In addition, electric flat battery should be flat, be careful not to turn upside down.When charging, the charger is not allowed to cover any items to prevent overheating of the charger.When charging, the battery and charger should be placed in a safe place that children cannot reach.

Please place the charger in a dry, well-ventilated environment.When using or storing the charger, prevent any liquid or metal particles from seeping into the charger.Be careful not to fall and hit, so as not to cause damage to the charger.steel hot ladle transport roller with hydraulic lifting device charger contains high voltage circuit, please do not disassemble.
When charging, if you smell or feel the temperature of the charger shell is too high, please stop charging immediately and go to the special distribution service for maintenance.If it is a new battery, it is recommended to charge the first 10 times of charging to the .charging 1. .charging 2. indicator light, and the discharge to the battery car for the first time indicates that there is no electricity.This way you.ll find that your battery capacity has increased slightly over the past 10 times.
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