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Why does the platform shake when the lifting platform is installed?
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Lift platform if the installation is not good, will often appear platform vibration phenomenon, whether people working in the above or objects on top, is very dangerous, talk to you today, usually because of what causes vibration platform, thus to prevent.
The vibration of lifting platform mainly comes from two aspects, one is the problem of traction and the other is the problem of fixed orbit.Let us start with the first one.
In traction, it is generally the traction rope, most of which is steel rope. If the quality of the steel rope is not good, it is inconsistent in the tension, so it is easy to bounce, so it can easily vibrate.
For the stationary orbit, we have all seen pulley, a rope bolt in it, through it, if it to the location of the installation tilt, that things will definitely stress non-uniform, and the fixed guide rail if quality is bad, deformation, lift platform fracture, even that is more serious.
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