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The appearance of electric flat car has received more and more attention
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 As Internet thinking expansion, many manufacturers are beginning to realize that the problem of user experience degrees, not only to functional requirements, the same to the appearance of the product, image has also conducted a full range of packaging.

Companies used to be tall, but now it is small and beautiful.Especially in the field of electric flat car, is especially obvious. At home, many bosses before are mainly depend on whether the function of the flat wagon can conform to the requirements, because it is used in the workshop, high frequency, a lot of cars has become a small topped, dirty, also too lazy to do.But obvious changes have been made in recent years, many companies have a clear request for the appearance of the electric flat car, especially abroad, the requirement to the mesa height is less and less, to the flatness requirement of the mesa to less than 1 mm, requirements for spray paint, must through sandblasting polishing processing, as well as to the color requirement, many electric flat car companies have started to apply for the appearance of their patent.
PERFECT Handling Equipment Co., LTD., was determined to do the first brand, the importance of this more than in the past, not only have their own research and development of the appearance of the design team, also invited the famous international designer appearance, in all aspects of the user to experience together perfectly!
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