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A brief discussion on the maintenance of electric car battery in winter
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 A brief discussion on the maintenance of electric car battery in winter.Many people in the industry believe that battery maintenance is very important in winter.At present, the battery car is still in the stage of technological development, and the main embodiment is the battery.For example, a normal lead-acid battery can ensure the vehicle furthest distance of 50 km, but under the condition of the temperature too high or too low, the battery storage capacity will be affected, 50 kilometers from it is difficult to ensure vehicle.

Charge more and help more.
According to industry insiders, when the temperature is too low, try to shorten the use time of electric vehicles, and should be charged in time.If the user is not prepared to use storage battery during the winter, must not have been in the coming year when using rechargeable battery, and should be every month for the battery to charge, to ensure the storage capacity of lead-acid battery, at the same time avoid the damage of acid spillover battery remember six words - frequent charging and power.Each time you go home, the battery will be charged, no matter how long it is used (only a few kilometers, of course) to keep the battery in full power.
Compared with summer, the vitality of the battery will decrease in winter.The speed and length of the bike will drop.It is best to use full pedal power.
The PERFECT electric flat has three battery lights.When the green light is on, the power is more than 70%;When the yellow light is on, the power is more than 50%;When the red light is on, it means less than 30% of the battery, and you can ride three to five kilometers.
Again after each time to recharge the battery should be full of use, if occasionally a full impact on the battery is not big, but often without full use, the battery will create a "memory", affect the line continuation mileage, also the service life of the battery.
When charging, plug in the battery and plug it in.For the first time, a new electric car will be charged for 12 hours.However, it is better not to exceed 12 hours per charge time.
After charging, pull out the power plug and then pull out the battery plug.After six months, it is better to do a battery maintenance.
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