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What are the methods of regulating china battery powered platform cart ?
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 Electric china battery powered platform cart in some ways, planning is a must rule, so if according to the principle of national rules, request to rack up and down level precision electric china battery powered platform cart is not beyond 3 mm.If the flat accuracy of the machine is low.

The quality of spinning will be affected, and the wear and power of the machine will be added.Therefore, when it comes to this situation, it is generally used to measure the horizontal measurement of the machine frame by using the horizontal extension of the straight ruler.
The measurement of electric china battery powered platform cart USES long straight ruler, the ruler of iron and water level three kinds of things.The meaning of the instant value is to assume that the horizontal ruler is placed in the standard ruler of the horizontal position of 5 meters long.
The part of the ruler is raised to the height of the ruler, so that the level of the water level can be moved by the number of millimeters.If one end of the ruler rises 3 mm at one end and the water level bubble moves 1, the scale is 3 mm.
Data records and packing in order to make the school assignment to have a methodical, for a few car rule point as reference point label, which is the origin of four, tracking how much model electric china battery powered platform cart , car surface above parts.
When the number is removed, the mechanical concept is equal to the load, and the entire body is stopped.
The foot of each wall board and the ground floor touch place commonly chooses the cushion wood, the primary effect of the cushion wood can reduce the machine platform in the operation of the sensation cushion wood is in the loading effect is in the elastic deformation.If the error is driven by the request.
Have weight of parts after combination with quite a car surface with uniform load, car surface downward deflection will occur, car body at both ends with the touch area is big and good family, a central and bodywork deflection will be larger.
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