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How should the battery of The most commonly used ladle car in China be stored?
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 Battery is the heart of the most commonly used ladle car in China, how to store battery, store good battery, it is like to do a perfect protection and maintenance work to the heart, do not allow small view.

When removing the battery, be careful not to contact the two electrodes in the bottom of the battery by hand or metal products to avoid damage.Other, the most commonly used ladle car in China battery should be flat, be careful not to turn upside down.When charging, the charger is not allowed to cover any items to prevent overheating of the charger.When charging, the battery and charger should be placed in a safe place that children cannot reach.
Please place the charger in a dry and ventilated environment.When using or storing the charger, prevent any liquid or metal particles from seeping into the charger.You should also guard against falling and impact, so as to avoid the damage of the charger.the most commonly used ladle car in China charger contains high voltage circuit, please do not take it apart.
When charging, if you smell or feel the temperature of the charger shell is too high, please stop charging immediately and repair it at the special distribution repair shop.If it is a new battery, it is recommended to charge the first 10 times of charging to the charging 1 charging 2 indicator light, and the discharge to the battery car for the first time indicates that there is no electricity.this way you will find that you have made a slight improvement in your battery capacity of 10 times.
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