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The Structure and Configuaration of Motorized Transfer Cart On- Rail
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 Motorized Transfer Cart On-Rail is applied for transshipment between processing procedures or workshops. 

 It takes box beam structure which is usually applied for cranes, which advantages lie in that hardly deformed platform under  overload,  the real load is higher.
 Wheels for the cart are made of ZG55 which is desiged also specially for cranes. We also configurate LYC bearings to connect a axle hang speed reducer with gears harden. All configuration is come from best and leading suppliers of the market.
 The feature as follows£º
box beam structure is formed with U steel and cart-body supported by two crossbeam.
Driven by harden geared speed reducer hang with a axle, higher hardness of precise gears processed with CNC grinding, well coupled, high transmmission efficiency, low noisy, running soomthly and steadily, lighter weight and small volume, heavier loading, long life£¬easy maintainance and assembly.If applicable of brushless DC motor£¬soon starting and larger start torque compared with AC motor which needs complicated control if it come up to DC motor identical level.

Configuration with higher cost performance extends effectively the service life. Higher assurance factor, convenient maintainence, pretty appearance and so on, save cost to customers. It makes overall arrangement of your factory more convenient and useful.

Keyword:motorized transfer car, box beam structure, DC motor
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