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Safety inspection of lifting electric cart
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 I. technical data.

1. Whether there are design documents, manufacturing units, product quality qualification certificates, maintenance instructions and installation technical documents and materials.
2. Whether there are daily usage records, operation failures and accident records, etc.
Ii. Equipment inspection.
1. The brake should be stable and fast, the flat floor of the car is accurate, and no abnormal sound or sound is made when working in mechanical and electrical equipment.
2. Overspeed protection device, bump buffer device, beyond the upper and lower limit device, three-phase alternating current power failure protection device, all door locks and door electric interlock device and other effective.Due to a power failure or malfunction of the electrical system, there should be a slow movement of the car, which can be opened manually.
3, worm, wire rope, speed limiter in rope clamp, reducer, bearing support, brake block, brake wheel, worm gear, gear ring, drainage, compounding and other important castings, the main working surface are not allowed to have a crack.
4. The brake should be sensitive and reliable.
5. In addition to the cargo ladder operated outside the door, the car shall have a safety window open to the outside.
6. The cage wall shall be equipped with a safety door, open inside and equipped with a limit switch with a width and height of 400 mm * 500 mm.
7. The car should be equipped with the safety clamp linkage switch of automatic reset. When the safety clamp is working, the control circuit is cut off.
8. The power and control lines shall be laid separately, and the wires shall be protected by insulation and smooth protection at the entrance of the metal pipe or the metal plate wall, and the electrical equipment shall be well grounded or well connected.
9. The maintenance switch of cage and roof is effective.
10. The emergency stop switch with red marking should be set in the top and the car.
11. The limit switch should be manually reset.
12. The escalator to the machine should be equipped with protective equipment, such as safety hook, anti-skid equipment, protective railing, and protective ring.
13. It is not a wall around the vertical road, but it should be equipped with a small protective equipment.The lower part of the protective equipment must be completely sealed off from the ground at 0.8m, and the wall of the dangerous goods store or workshop must be a firewall around.
14, elevator should be obvious indicator card (maximum allowable load quantity or by the number of cars), are not allowed to take the elevator should be banned by other people notice board, elevator should have hang check when maintenance outage.
15, set the following safety protection and protection device is reliable and efficient: crane mechanical and electrical safety device for locking door, prevent slack rope device, a layer of fall prevention device or pause falling prevention device, broken line protection, overload protection device, opening interlock protection, safety gear, speed limiter, cargo door interlock protection device, the layer door interlock protection device, access door lock and electrical switch, into the elevator door opened, always can.t plug in, such as running, total power should be disconnected.All institutions shall cease to operate.The beam is inclined to alarm.Horizontal indicator device, anti-tipping alarm device, interlock or locking device of upper and lower working devices.Auxiliary emergency equipment, ship roof tightening device and clamping device, brake device, emergency exit door safety switch, non-manned lift control mechanism, synchronization device.
Iii. Conduct inspection.
1. It is strictly forbidden to live and accumulate objects in the machine, and the machine should be shut off at ordinary times.
2. The non-mechanic or driver shall not enter the machine at random or in the vertical channel.
3. Do not search from the post. If you need to leave the post, you should close the door lock.
4. The interlocking device on the vertical door is forbidden to block with objects.
5. Safety technology education and training, voucher operation for drivers.
6. The operation procedures and key use of the key shall be formulated.
7. A regular inspection shall be conducted annually in the use of elevators, and the marks of the safety inspection shall be posted as required.
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