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Electric coil transfering cart factory circuit inspection content
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 I. walking mechanism:

1. The motor, coupling, reducer (reduction gear) are not loose and operate normally;
2. The reducer (reduction gear) has sufficient oil, the oil quality meets the requirements, and there is no dirt and debris.
3. The brake is sensitive and easy to use, and the brake wheel contact is correct without serious wear;
4. The wheel contact is correct and the rotation is good.
Ii. Body parts:
1. The body is not deformed;
2. The platform is flat and has no holes;
3. Clean and tidy.
Iii. Electrical part:
1. The slip line and the slider (cable) are in good contact, mobile and flexible, and the wire frame is firmly intact (or the battery has enough power);
2. The electric switch is sensitive and easy to use;
3. The electric bell is loud;
4. Electrical insulation is good.
Iv. Other parts:
1. Complete maintenance data and cleaning;
2. Complete equipment parts.
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