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Use and maintenance of rail cable drum
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 The cable drum is mainly used for electric flat car, tower crane and other mobile devices, and the power of the mobile device is driven by the sprocket.

Attention should be paid to:
1. Where the cable is moving, no obstacles or sharp objects shall be allowed in case of damage to the cable.
2. If the tension is too large when the cable is taken, the permanent magnet should be adjusted to adjust the bolt.If the cable is placed too fast, the lock nut will be adjusted to increase the friction force, and the manual drum of the post and cable will rotate at a constant speed.
3. The casting flanges are lubricated by lubricating grease, and can be refueled or replaced every six months.
4. The brush should change the brush when it reaches the minimum length of 15mm in the radial direction of the sliding ring.
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