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Production requirements for electric flat rotary table
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 1. Equipment structure: the turntable car is composed of frame, rotary table, driving device and control box.The rotary table is equipped with the guide rail, and the rotary table is composed of the rotary configuration of the advanced patented technology in Germany and the working table, which can be rotated by 90 degrees.It has the characteristics of flexible rotation, quick response and reliable performance.Orbital docking automatic deceleration control was achieved by frequency conversion governor, and in 90 DHS is equipped with electric safety between the two position limit device, ensure that the turntable rotates accurate positioning and guide of ontology and the ground track for good;The rotary table is equipped with auxiliary support wheels to ensure the safety and smoothness of the rotating table.

2. Frame system: the frame structure of frame is composed of longitudinal beam, beam and steel plate, and the work table is laid with steel plate.The sections used and steel plates meet the corresponding national standards.
3. Transmission system: the motor drives the reducer, transfers the power to the rotary device, and drives the rotary table to rotate.The components are reliable with the main body.The motor adopts brake motor, the protection grade is IP44, and the insulation level is E.
4. Control system: the ground is equipped with a control box, and the control box is equipped with left-rotation, right-handed, click and stop buttons, and the corresponding indicator light is available.Control box electrical components all adopt domestic famous brand products.
5. Remove rust coating requirements.
The surface derusting of steel plates, profiles and castings reaches the ST2 level of GB8923.The film thickness is 90-120um.Rust prevention of all exposed surfaces before delivery.Surface coating anticorrosive primer, dark gray surface paint, guideway not painted.
6, the control box system: control box made by steel plate, beautiful and practical, do anti-corrosion surface treatment, casing thickness not less than 2 mm, good heat dissipation device, the control box has a practical maintenance lights, door lock is firm and reliable, easy to use, do not interfere.
7. Equipment configuration: all kinds of famous industrial components should be selected to provide adequate guarantee for the overall reliability of the equipment.
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