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The construction and use of material handling equipment china manufacturers
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 The material handling equipment china manufacturers is a kind of electric vehicle.Also call electric material handling equipment china manufacturers, platform car, cross car.It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, large carrying capacity and little pollution.It is widely used in machine manufacturing and metallurgical plant, and it is used as the interior of the workshop.KP series electric material handling equipment china manufacturers height is low, the mesa is strengthened, the modification is easy, the maintenance is convenient.

Material handling equipment china manufacturers is a kind of common highway transportation vehicles, because it is more convenient loading and unloading of large and heavy cargo, and than other kinds of models of the same specifications, can load more goods, by the transportation units of all ages.In the transport vehicle, the material handling equipment china manufacturers generally divides into two kinds, one kind is the tablet, one kind is the high and low plate.The plate is generally 4 meters to 13 meters long, and more than 13 meters long is high and low.
The platform car is mostly used for carrying people, and when driving, it will tie the "trip" between the two handlebars to the shoulders, hold hands, lean forward slightly, and pull the car on the road.When facing uphill or slippery road, the person with the car can pull a rope on the right side of the car to pull the cart or push forward in the back.In general, there are two to three moving boxes on the bus to prevent the leakage of dirt or crop.The "water car" used for drawing water in northern shaanxi province is simple, and the car is longer, the wheel is higher than the wheel, and it is easy to turn and maintain the balance of power when moving.In folk fairs or temple fairs, flatcarts are often filled with cargo on both sides of the road, making it a convenient "stand up" for sale.
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