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The effect and influence of the limit switch on the rail-electric flat car
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 In order to better grasp the operation skills of the electric car, we also need to know some important parts of the equipment.One of the component is called the limit switch, or can also be called a travel switch, it is mainly used to demarcate track the movement of electric flat car limit position, have played an important role in the protection switch from being damaged, to avoid the flat wagon beyond limit performance.

In fact, in order to understand the importance of the limit switch more specifically, we can analyze the transmission system of the electric vehicle.The limit switch of electric flat car mainly consists of four parts, namely, CAM, axle, and limit switch stage shell.The CAM plate is fixed on the shaft, the shaft is set on the shell, and the shell is extended.The limit switch is matched with the CAM plate, and there is a trix limit arm, which is located on the outer end of the shaft.
At the time of installation, simple, usually to the function of the two limit switches together, at the other end of the shaft is set with wheel deflection Angle, two limit switches set respectively in CAM on both sides.For example, when you are operating an electric flat car, if it is broken forward, you can only move backward, thus avoiding the problem of getting out of control.In addition, the stop baffle is very durable and rarely fails.
In practice, there is another method of assembly, which is to use two inverted cams to form a limit switch for an electric flat car.Both cams have a terraced platform, and the two CAM platforms are mounted in reverse 180 degrees, and the same circumferential motion is made on the rotation axis.
This form of limit switch device has a lot of advantages, it is not only simple structure design, but also easy to install.When debugging, it also saves time, and can ensure the accuracy of the operation of the electric car.
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