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How to solve the problem of the PLC control system of railway Steel plant ladle electric rail transfer trolley?
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 In fact, it is not uncommon to see problems in the PLC control system.To be sure, compared with some developed countries, there is a certain gap in the overall technical level of Steel plant ladle electric rail transfer trolleys in China.For such a situation, we really need to actively absorb foreign advanced technology and management experience.

However, this does not mean that we should accept it completely, because in practical application, we need to combine the domestic situation so that we can better play the role of Steel plant ladle electric rail transfer trolley.In practice, we will track on mechanical agencies, encoder and steering torque limiter to form a whole, so it is similar to a controllable electronic steering simulator, and with the help of a special kind of PLC control system can be connected to the cable joint.
In other words, the PLC control system used in the operation of the electric parallel train is mainly through the PWM control mode to complete the signal output of the steering torque limiter.The advantage of this is that you can accurately control the output value of the torquer according to the actual situation, and it can reflect the operation of the steering system.
More importantly, it can also allow the operators to feel the current coordination situation in a timely manner, so as to make more reasonable adjustments to the input of the driving force.Users should be more aware that in the application of Steel plant ladle electric rail transfer trolleys, we need to make corresponding waterproof measures.In fact, waterproofing is not only directly related to the running state of flat cars, but also directly related to production safety.
In addition, with the reform and renewal of technology, we have improved the steering control system in order to ensure that electric cars can maintain better stability in operation.In this way, can significantly improve the service life of rail Steel plant ladle electric rail transfer trolley steering gear, at the same time also strengthened the rail Steel plant ladle electric rail transfer trolley wheel steering control system functional requirements, more to make it more get the welcome of the user.
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