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Electric flat-car coaxial cable
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  Electric flat-car coaxial cable refers to a specific type of cable consisting of four layers of material, mainly including inner conductors, dielectric insulating layers, another conductive layer and an insulating layer.The reason why it is called coaxial is mainly because in the same geometrical axis, the outer conductive layer, its geometrical axis is a line.Usually, it is mainly used for radio frequency transmission.

Four floors are needed, mainly in the hope of limiting the electromagnetic fields generated by the signal cables themselves through these different materials.That is to say, electric flat coaxial cable can reduce the amount of electromagnetic interference.Usually, in a standard coaxial cable, copper wire is the shield layer, which is flexible and can be adjusted.
However, it should be noted that when using this cable, we should consider that it is best not to have a sharp bend.Because any kind of strong twisting situation can cause the loss of its internal signal.Generally speaking, the insulating sheath of the coaxial cable of electric flat car is basically made of PVC.This material has good fire resistance, oxidation resistance and uv resistance.
So, even in a different work environment, it can still be applied.At the same time, we can choose the suitable material type according to its specific environmental requirements and insulation requirements.In addition, the materials used in the coaxial cable of electric flat cars should meet the relevant standards and requirements.
The above mainly to introduce the knowledge about the coaxial cable of the electric flat car, hope that through the introduction of the content, can help you better know and understand the coaxial cable of the electric flat car, more reasonable application in the work.
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