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Wheel track changing industrial track flat car
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 Wheel track changing industrial track flat car

KPZ series wheel track changer is the matching weapon and equipment of electric flat car. When the production process needs to turn on the Internet, and the electric flat car can not meet its requirements, it can be equipped with wheel disc rail changing car. KPZ series wheel track changing flat truck can be divided into manual and electric type.
Slag series products industrial track flat car
Special electric flat cars and cars of metallurgical industrial and mining enterprises, cabinet table specifications, guard rails, load tons, power supply system methods, etc. can be manufactured according to the design scheme that customers must carry out.
Car sliding door industrial track flat car
The great advantage of the electric flat car is that there are no household appliances on the main body of the industrial track flat car,
Household appliances are built on cars that can be promoted independently. When the industrial track flat car needs to operate, the motor of the reducer on the car is connected with the main reducer in the flat car to promote the operation of the industrial track flat car. When not in operation, it can be towed away from the car; According to the requirements, household appliances and reducer can also be assembled on the car. The operation of electric flat car is immediately dragged or promoted by the car. It is generally used for cleaning room, sand blasting room, car paint baking room, etc.
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