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Adjustment techniques and maintenance methods for electric flatcar chains
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   I. Steps for adjusting the slackness of the electric flatcar chain.

  1.Remove the flat fork guard
  2. Loosen the rear wheel axle nuts on the left and right sides
  3. Loosen the gate box fixing screws
  4. Adjust the adjusting nuts on both sides of the rear wheel axle, so that both sides can be adjusted for balance.
  II. Maintenance of the chain
  1. Check and adjust the tightness of the chain frequently, and check whether the locking piece at the interface of the chain is dislodged.
  2. Wipe it frequently and add a small amount of oil to lubricate it regularly.
  3. If the chain is tight, adjust the chain nut counterclockwise according to the above method and move the rear wheel slightly forward.
  4. The chain should be adjusted appropriately and run flexibly. The chain spring should be installed on the outside and the open end should be opposite to the direction of movement and should not touch the chain cover or crank.
  Repair of dropped chain
  One of the reasons may be that the chain is too loose, please adjust the tightness of the chain. The second reason is that the sprocket, chain and flywheel are not on the same plane.
  1. Remove the sprocket cover and check if the sprocket is deformed or worn.
  2. If it is caused by the sprocket, please repair and replace the sprocket.
  3. Check if the position of the flywheel and the rear wheel are offset, if they are, please adjust them.
  4. If the flywheel is worn, replace it.
  5. If the chain is deformed or worn, replace the chain. Note that the direction of opening of the chain interface is opposite to the direction of chain movement.
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