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  The following electric flat car manufacturers to take you to understand.
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   The following electric flat car manufacturers to take you to understand.

  1, the motor control cabinet common faults: the appearance of abnormal noise generated in the control circuit generally emitted "hum" noise, most of the AC contactor common faults occurred (such as AC contactor circuit breaker poor contact phenomenon, the rated voltage does not meet, the magnetic core is stuck these), to solve common faults AC contactor to carry out maintenance, can not repair when Be sure to remove and replace, after the solution, the noise independent clear.
  2, common motor failure: immediately shut down, check whether the motor is single-phase electric operation, or rolling bearing destruction, export shaft shaft skew and "sweep" and other common failures, such are will make the motor have abnormal sound, different common failures of the sound parts and how much and sound different, single-phase electric operation, all motor When the single-phase electric power is running, all the motor will send out regular "buzzing" sound which is strong and weak; and when the rolling bearing is destroyed, it will send out "buzzing" sound with "Gadeng - thump" around the rolling bearing; and When the shaft is skewed, or the motor is lightly swept, all the motor emits a very high "buzzing" sound, and from time to time along with a sharp, harsh sound. In a word, according to the different noise, find the common faults, carry out maintenance one by one, repair all normal characteristics of the motor, when the common faults of the motor are not dealt with, the application of electric flatbed truck is strictly prohibited.
  3, reducer common fault: shut down the machine to check, first clear reducer reducer or rolling bearing in the application before the application is not added grease, application is not on time to remove and change grease, such as not according to the requirements of wetting, reducer will not only cause too high "humming" sound, but also continue too much damage or destruction of transmission gear and rolling bearings.
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