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It¡¯s what makes "HAOPINGCHE" ( HPC ) stand out from their competition
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     It’s what makes "HAOPINGCHE" ( HPC ) stand out from their competition and why someone always buy from us rather than them.
     Sales are receiving orders as thick as hail. Customers are satisfied with our transfer carts on-rail. Why?

     1) customers beliefs.People are always believe the brand "haopingche".And people would like "haopingche" rather than competitors. "haopingche" is equal to Top Grade.

     2) customers can always be benefits from 'haopingche' ( HPC). Sturdy, durability, reasonable design and construction, timely satisfied service, pretty kind staff. In addition to these, you can get a cup of hot tea or coffee in winter or a glass of cold beverage in summer. What else would you like to enjoy ? If yes, you could alway put forward your proposition. Customers are here taken as Gods.

    3) transfer carts on-rail are developed and produced serial£¬capacity from 5 to 500 tons. There is KPDS, DPDZ, KPJ, KPX, KPC, KPT, KP which is classified with a different power supply.
      Its radius of turning-corner is only larger than 35 meter when arc-shaped track is necessarily applied.
      Turnable table is developed for right-angle turning corner when your transfer cart is designed necessarily. 

      Option of transfer cart:
Motorized transfer cart on-rail
Towed transfer cart on-rail
Manual transfer cart on-rail
Ladle transfer cart on-rail
Power lift and drive table on-rail
Power crane and drive table on-rail

     These carts and drive tables are widely applied for steel, foundry, non-ferrous metal mining, shipbuilding, machine manufacturing industry and so on.

Author: Bill Wu  Date: July 4th, 2011

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