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Why do electric flatcars slip
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 ¡¡¡¡Because in daily work. As a result, <a href="" target="_self" title="Electric flat car">local oil remains on the track treads of the electric flat car, leading to slippage problems. For this situation, these oil stains should be cleaned up promptly. If necessary, fine sand should be sprinkled on the track surface to increase the coefficient of friction. The flat wheels of the material transport track do not roll in one plane. Remedy:The horizontal support surface of the bearing box is adjusted with a pad. There is oil stain on the track tread of the electric flat car. Remedy: Clean up.

¡¡¡¡If necessary, sprinkle fine sand on the track surface to increase the friction coefficient. The electric flat car track is uneven, with vertical waves in the running direction and a difference in height between the two tracks. Remedy:Readjust the track to meet the specified requirements. Another common cause of uneven height of electric flat car track and material transport rail flat car skidding remedy due to certain factors is the design laying process. As a result, slippage can occur during its operation. This, I need to readjust the track to meet the requirements.
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