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Congratulations to a company in Texas on the completion of the acceptance of a 100 tonne Xinxiang PERFECT BXC-100t electric flatbed truck
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- Congratulations to a company in Texas on the completion of the acceptance of a 100 tonne Xinxiang PERFECT BXC-100t electric flatbed truck Parfitt has successfully delivered a 100t BXC battery operated truck in Dezhou, Shandong Province. Xinxiang Parfitt mainly has six series of products such as BDG low voltage rail powered, BXC battery powered, BTL trailing cable powered, BJT cable reel powered, BHX safety slip wire powered, BP powerless traction flatcar, etc. For seven years we have been consistent and serve every customer with integrity! The business scope of Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. includes the manufacture and sale of large forging blanks, electroslag ingots, forgings, pipe dies, CNC machine tools, non-standard equipment for general machinery; import and export business of goods and technology; design, manufacture and sale of castings, welding parts, overhead cranes, portal cranes, pressure vessels, non-standard complete sets of nuclear power equipment; professional contracting of steel structure engineering. Dezhou City is located in the northwest of Shandong Province, Dezhou City was named as "National High Technology Industrial Base of Biological Industry", "National Torch Plan New Energy Industry Base" and "National Renewable Energy Building Application Demonstration City "Dezhou is a national transportation hub city. BXC series battery-powered flat car, is a rail flat car provided by the battery, the battery is installed inside the flat car, the power supply through the electrical control system, to provide power to the DC traction motor; with the control module as the control core, with the operation handle and remote control as the input means, with the table load cargo, with the steering wheel to guide the direction and and fixed wheels together to carry the weight, with the motor to provide the original power, with The reducer amplifies the torque and provides power to the fixed wheels, the LED sound and light alarm is the working and warning sign, and the intelligent charger is the external power input. Through understanding our company and coming to the factory for a field visit, we are satisfied with our products and after communicating with our technical engineer, we agree with our solution. Product details. Handling items: heavy casting workpieces Body size: 3000mmx2000mmx500mm Lifting weight: 100T Control mode: Wireless remote control Power supply: Battery Operating time: 8 hours Special requirements: Table top customisation required
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