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Why you should be branding all the time¡­
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Reaching people, engaging with them and influencing their purchasing decisions are the goals that make the branding process successful. Timing is everything, and that’s why you should be branding all the time. As the timeline below shows, there are three phases in the branding process that coordinate with specific steps in the buying process.

Buying Process
1)before they realize a need
2)realize a need

3)search for suppliers
4)send requests for quotes
5)negotiate price

6)choose vendor
7)after the sale

For 1) and 2), We need to create brand awareness of the company and products,to get buyers to associate your company name with what you sell.

For 3), 4) and 5), Remind the buyer to look for our company when they are seaching for what we sell. Reinforce that they are making a good choice when comparig us to competitors.

For 6) and 7), Help buyers feel good about their decision to choose us. Further reinforce that we are a good company to work with.

Consistently and consistantly focusing on branding efforts
- all staff must be creating awareness, supporting branding efforts and reinforce branding messagee - brand will result in ROI for the company.

Editor: Bill Wu      Date: 2011-07-06

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