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High load Steerable Transfer Cart Ready to Production
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High load Steerable Transfer Cart Ready to Production

High load steerable transfer cart is developed and designed fully by HPC itself, which is well and reasonably configured, and finally succeeded to acceptance inspection organized by Experts and Senior Engineers of our company.  

The designers of the steerable transfer cart made some innovations to technology of structure and  transmission. This is a technological leapfrogging of our company, it is also a significant contribution to the transfer equipment industry of our country.

Both the type of cart and the deck configuration can be customized to suit specific requirements.

Deck configuration:
Assembly Mount,V-Deck, Stand-Off, Integrated Screw Jack Lift Table, Scissor Lift, Tilting, Portable Machinery Platform.
The cart structure features simple and compact structure, reasonable transmission, convenience maintenance, smooth ride, easy operation,, low noise, no high requirement to the floor of workshops, the tread can be turnable even on uneven floor. It has realized realistic motto, "precise design and manufacture with great care, enjoy excellent service from HPC".

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Editor: Bill Wu  Date: 2011-07-07

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