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Universal Transport Cart Service and Operating Manual
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Universal Transport Cart Service and Operating Manual

Table of Contents

Product Information ...........

Responsibilities of Owner/Users

Safety Instructions ...........................

Installation Instructions-Mechanical

Pre-Operation Checks .....................

Operator Instructions ........................

Lubrication ...................... ................

Troubleshooting Guide ....................




Product Information

This Service and Replacement Parts Manual applies to the following Universal transport cart ( machinery)


Product Type

Model Number

Rated Load Capacity

Serial #

Register User

Date Shipped

For warranty information, service, and replacement parts information; 

please call your local dealer or 0373 7720456

Please have the above Product Information available when calling.

This manual should be kept with the machine at all times. In the event the machine is re-sold, or transferred to another facility, please contact the factory so that 

we can update our service and warranty Records.





Responsibilities of Owner/Users

The following are the Responsibilities of owner and users of this equipment:

1. Inspection and Maintenance. The cart shall be inspected and maintained 

in proper working order in accordance with the manufacturer's operating/maintenance manual 

and safe operating practices.

2. Removal from Service. Any cart not in safe operating condition shall be removed from service 

until it is repaired to the original manufacturer's standards.

3. Repairs. All repairs shall be made by authorized personnel in conformance to the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Operators. Only trained and authorized personnel shall be permitted to use the cart.

A.    Before Operation. Before using the cart, the operator shall have:

• Read and/or have been explained and understood, the manufacturer's operating

instructions and safety rules, or be trained by a qualified person.

• Inspected the cart for proper operation and condition. Any suspect item shall be

carefully examined and a determination made by a qualified person as to whether it

constitutes a safety hazard. All unsafe items shall be corrected before further use of

the cart.

B.    During Operation. The cart shall be used only in accordance with its intended use and 

within the manufacturer's limitations and safety rules.

(1) Do not overload the cart.

(2) Ensure that all safety devices are operational and in place.

5Safety Warning Labels. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain all safety warning labels in a clear, 

readable condition in the same positions as originally applied by the manufacturer. 

Contact the supplier for additional safety labels and information on their correct application and location.

6Modifications and Alterations. Modifications or alterations of the carts shall be made 

only with the written permission of the original manufacturer. 

These changes shall be in conformance with generally accepted engineering practices 

and shall be at least as safe as the equipment was before modification. 

These changes shall also satisfy all safety recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer 

for the particular application of the cart.




Safety Instruction 

Safety Instructions for Universal Transport Carts:

1. Do not operate this equipment unless you have been trained and authorized to do so.

2. Know and follow all of these warnings and instructions as well as those contained in the

cart owner's manual.

3. Prior to using cart, inspect it for proper operation and condition.

4. Prior to using cart, inspect all safety devices to be certain they are in place and

functioning properly.

5. Do not exceed the cart's capacity as stated on the serial number plate.

6. Secure loads to the cart per operating procedures before moving the cart.

7. When the cart is parked, and prior to being loaded or unloaded, apply the floor lock to

prevent unexpected movement.




Mechanical Installation Instruction

Installation Instructions for Universal Transport Carts:

1. Prior to installation inspect the cart. If the cart has been damaged in shipment it is the

responsibility of the buyer/owner to immediately contact 

the Sales of Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd

so that we may file a claim with the carrier who delivered the lift.

2. The aftersale service responsible for Universal Transport Carts 

will be shipped completely assembled and ready to install and use.

3. Lifting points will be marked for handling by a crane or fork truck. 

Use these lifting points for unloading the cart.

4. Remove packaging materials.

5. Release the floor lock. Insert hitch (by others) into receiver of the tow bar. 

Attach hitch to tow vehicle. Move the cart to the desired location.

6. Operate per Operator Instructions.



Pre-operation Checks:

Each day before using the Universal Transport Cart, the operator should perform the following checks.

1. Check that the floor lock operates properly.

2. Inspect the wheels and look for any damage to the cart.

3. Inspect the tread surface of the load saddles for damage or wear.

4. Check for any visible signs of damage or wear. Report any damage to an authorized service person, 

and do not use the cart until this condition has been corrected.

5. Allow only authorized and trained personnel to use the Transport Cart.



Operation Instruction
Operator instructions for Universal Transport Cart:
1. Prior to loading the cart, disconnect the cart hitch from the tow vehicle.
2. Apply the floor lock to secure the cart while loading.
3. Place the two lifting saddles in the desired location.
4. Load materials onto the cart. Secure with straps to the handles.
5. Release the floor lock.
6. Hitch the cart to the tow vehicle.
7. Transport the cart to the desired location.



1. The cart is equipped with a bronze bushing in the front steering pivot pin and roller bearings in the wheels.
Zerk fittings are provided for applying lubrication.
2. Under normal conditions of use, all lubricating points should be flushed with grease every three months.
In addition to providing lubrication to the bearing surfaces,
flushing with grease assists in removing dirt and other foreign matter from the bearings.
3. Recommended Grease: Sonoco Multi-Purpose 2 E P industrial grease or equivalent.




Troubleshooting Guide

1. Cart does not ride smoothly:
a. Inspect treads for damage. If severely damaged, send wheel out for re-bonding or replace wheel.
2. Cart is difficult to tow or wheels squeeze:
b. Check to make sure floor lock is released.
c. Jack up front end and check that front axle assembly and pivot pin easily rotates when a side force is applied to the tow bar. Lubricate pivot pin as needed.
d. Jack up each side and check that all wheels spin freely. If sluggish, apply grease. If wheel is frozen, the wheel bearing is likely bad. Replace bearing or complete wheel assembly.




Limited Warranty:
Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd ( HPC ) will replace, F.O.B. the factory, any goods which are defective in materials and workmanship within 12 months of date of shipment, provided the buyer returns the defective materials, freight and delivery prepaid, to the manufacturer, which shall be the buyer’s sole remedy for defective materials.Manufacturer shall not be liable to purchaser or any other person or entity for consequential or incidental damages. The end user is responsible for the integrity of any structure, crane or fixture to which HPC products have been attached. This warranty does not apply to equipment and/or components, which have been altered in any way or subjected to abusive or abnormal use, inadequate maintenance or lubrication, or use beyond seller recommended capacities and specifications.
Manufacturer shall not be liable under any circumstances, for labor costs expended on such goods or consequential damages. Manufacturer shall not be liable to purchaser or any other person or entity for loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from the use of goods or from any other cause.
No employee, agent, officer or seller is authorized to make further oral or written representations or warranty of fitness or to waive any of the foregoing terms of sale, and none shall be binding on the manufacturer.
If there are any problems or questions regarding this equipment or its application, contact your local sales representative or HPC directly at 0373-7720456



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