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Linchpin For Development of Motorized Transfer Cart On-Rail
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Linchpin For Development of Motorized Transfer Cart On-Rail
-------- Innovation and breakthrough
In recent years, rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry is clearly supported by a series of state policies, the number of industrial patents owned by ourself has been largely raised.
International competition ability is aggressively increased. Many technology has occupied the top location of the world. However, weak innovation, lag behind, low repeated construction and foundation, the big and not strong motorized transfer carts industry must be put forward for our serious consideration. Independent innovation with bold investment, punning industry foundation is just the necessary method to keep sustainable industry development.

Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical and Mechanical Co.£¬Ltd understand that fine quality and esteemed company is not enough. Innovation will just gain energy for our company to possess larger development.
"fine quality, reputation upmost, a hundred percent of guarantee, a hundred percent satisfaction". That is out motto, which spur our company to pursuit of innovation in management, technology, craftmanship, design and so on, in order for us to get more competitive capability. It hope to have product diversification by improvement of vehicle structure, transmission, operation, to meet market demand. It can push the development of industry when itself raise and look forward to a tiny contribution to the national economy.   

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